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  • All Public Discussion Groups are currently closed while the KMFCC undergoes major (and long overdue) renovations.

    The Knowledge Management Forum was established in 1995 as the first virtual community of practice focused on furthering the fundamental theories, methods, and practices supporting the Knowledge Professions. The KMForum Conference Center (KMFCC), first opened in 2003 to this communities need for an on-line meeting and collaboration space. By now, most, if not all of the capabilities envisioned for the KMFCC are part of the fabric of on-line life.

    As the community has changed, so have its needs, and so has Plans are now underway for expanding our support of the Knowledge Sciences, and Knowledge Engineering, the sources of the ideas and disciplines needed to support the practice of Knowledge Management.

    The on-line presence of will also be changing. To see how, please follow our progress here, or through our extended presence in one of more of the following:

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